Mountain Creek Art - Priddy, TX
Canyon  de  Chelly - Drawings telling of a Spanish expedition which killed many of the Navajo.

Robert E. Priddy

I grew up in the farm and ranch country of central Texas. Spent my "best years" chasing my fortune away from the home of my youth (like many I couldn't leave fast enough) but later with a family in tow moved back to "God's Country". During all this I picked up another old love - photography. The digital camera made it possible to have a darkroom without the smell!

My photography is predominately centered on landscapes and other natural details around me. I also have an interest in capturing some of the places and things I grew up with, although most have already met “progress”. My photography has led me to recently pick up another childhood pastime, drawing. My wish is that as you view my art, you will pause and feel what I felt when it was created.