Still Adding Art to Site

I have not completed moving all my photos and other art into the new site.  Its taking quite a bit of time as I’m reviewing and culling everything, even some editing of photos as I go.  If you are looking for something from the old site, let me  know. I am moving the most recent ... Read more

Shopping Cart is now Active

The shopping cart has been activated for use through Paypal. You can checkout using Paypal or other credit cards to purchase. The first screen upon checkout gives the option of using Paypal with their login screen or below that the option of using the shown credit cards without login. Note that only some photos have ... Read more

New Blog to go with the New Website

Welcome to the blog of my new website.  I am currently tweaking the website and adding photos to it.  The cart system is not yet fully functional so don’t try to buy anything yet although you can reach me through the Contact Page and I will get you information through email. Some notes on the ... Read more