New Blog to go with the New Website

Welcome to the blog of my new website.  I am currently tweaking the website and adding photos to it.  The cart system is not yet fully functional so don't try to buy anything yet although you can reach me through the Contact Page and I will get you information through email. Some notes on the gallery pages:

1.  A cart system  is being added to allow purchase of art through the PayPal system.  With my volume, this is the only viable solution. I will post a note in the blog when this is fully functional.

2.  The large view that is available when a thumbnail is clicked shows  up with navigation bars which include the piece's title and number.  This covers some of the pieces image on the top and bottom but can be toggled off/on by clicking on the image.

If you discover an  anomaly please let me know through the contact page.  Thanks for checking out my new site, enjoy looking around!

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